Thursday, June 3, 2010

Second Assignment:Identifying your Learning Styles

Dear Students,
As I posted on Nicenet, today you have learned about the different learning styles. Also, you have learned that by knowing your learning style, you will be able to use the information to improve comprehension and memory.
This week blog assignment is to write one paragraph (not more than 150 words) about your learning style. Please follow the instruction on the conference area on Nicenet. You will get extra 5 marks for adding a video or an image to your post.
Do not forget to comment on at least two other blogs.
Good luck:-)

First Assignment:Create your blogs

Dear students,
Here are the steps I want you to follow:

1. Create an account with We all have a Google account now.It's easy.
2. Follow the first tutorial posted below.
3. If the first tutorial is not clear, you may follow any of the many tutorials available on the sidebar.
4. Share the link of your blog with us on the comment area below this post.
Looking forward to seeing your blogs posts very soon!
Good luck!


Hello dear students,
I would like to welcome you all to our Study Skills course!
By using online tools and web-based resources, I hope you will learn in a fun and enjoyable way.
This class blog is for you to learn about blogging so you can create your own blogs very soon.
Let's start the FUN!